It’s All About Waiting

Our beautiful little Saida keeps us worried. After his surgery he recovered very fast and was close to being discharged but then the hope got crushed, because Saida started having a fever due to an infection. Since then we had to visit Saida in the secondary ICU. His mom would love to go home, since she first had to wait a long time for Saida to gain enough weight and now they have to wait again. Still the sun keeps breaking through, Saida was able to stop needing mechanical breathing help, which is an amazing progress. Still the infection keeps his mom and Saida waiting. Even though his mom has been in the hospital for so long and misses her family so badly, she never leaves Saida’s side she takes him wherever she goes. Adding to that his mom fights for Saida’s well-being with all her heart, trying to understand everything that is happening to Saida. Due to the language differences this understanding is much more difficult for Saida’s mom and for the nurses to explain it properly. Please continue praying for Saida’s health, that the infection will go away and that Saida’s mom will be filled with peace.