Jamal means ‘beautiful,’ and that he is

Today we collected Jamal and his grandmother from the Erez Border Crossing and brought them to Sheba Hospital for his follow up appointments.

Jamal means ‘beautiful’ and how fitting is his name. Beautiful in all his ways. What a happy little man is our Jamal and you can clearly see he is fearfully and wonderfully made by Abba.

First up an Echo ( Echocardiogram) he was so beautifully peaceful during this appointment, I was so amazed. Next came the ECG (Electrocardiography) and weighing. Wow Jamal has put on weight. So everything was excellent.

The doctors want Jamal to practice more being bottle feed so they will be able to eventually remove his (NG) nasogastric feeding tube. So I am looking forward to seeing this beautiful little man again in a month’s time for his brain MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) and a follow up Echo in three month’s time.

Father we pray all will go well with Jamal and that he could grow more into the beautiful calling you have on his life.