Joy as the Perfect Reward

It finally happened – little Sohaib was discharged! But this happy occasion started with a lot of confusion. When we arrived at the nurse station to pick up Sohaib‘s papers we were firstly told, that they didn’t know about Sohaib being discharged and they asked us to wait. So that’s what Colin and I did. After a while the doctor came to us and said that Sohaib will be discharged in about two hours. In order to deal with that, Colin and I started to build a logistical system, which would allow us to bring one family back to Shevet than come back to Sheba and than drive to Gaza and back. This plan would have involved long and draining car rides, but God took perfect care in making this task easier. Sohaib was suddenly discharged in about ten minutes, so we were able to only do one long ride which wasn’t as exhausting as the old plan.

But this wasn’t the only provision from God. As we told Sohaib‘s grandma about his discharge, her joy and happiness were the perfect reward for a hard day. Sohaib’s grandma asked us multiple times if she was really allowed to go home and her happy smile was amazing. She hugged us, smiled and kissed little Sohaib. Her joy gave us so much love and joy back. Now Sohaib is finally with his family reunited. Thank God for this amazing grandma and the life of little Sohaib.