Joy despite our circumstances

Our Somaia is still not only slowly improving. She is lying in the same ICU room, in the same bed for three months and is still so tiny. So often she improved and failed again and now for several weeks there is no big change.

Today the doctors wanted to give her another chance and tried to disconnect her from the ventilator for a while, but she couldn’t breath on her own. She doesn’t have enough strength for that.

I’m everyday new so amazed by her mother. She is the most welcoming and kindly caring person and makes all our hospital days much better. She has a big smile when she sees us and at the end of the day she walks with us to the car and waves us goodbye. She is such a good example how our joy shouldn’t be dependent on our circumstances but we should have deep joy every day in God. Because of what he did for us and how much he loves us, we can rejoice always.

Let us pray that exactly this Somaia will experience! That even though she has such a hard start in her young life she will smile again and rejoice!