Joy of the Lord is my strength

Sundus, Mustafa’s brave and kind mother, dearly loves Mustafa and her family. She possesses a beautiful heart, and whenever challenges arise, she holds fast to knowing that her God loves her. As she held Mustafa’s hand and whispered prayers for him, we could feel her love for her son. I possess full confidence in knowing that Mustafa is loved, deeply by God and those around him. We all held hands together, praising God for Mustafa’s life, asking for peace and strength.

While we were waiting for more information regarding Mustafa’s health, his mother Sundus, my colleague Ruth, and I reflected on our dear memories with Mustafa.

Last week Mustafa celebrated Christmas by attending a Christmas market and advent service. We all had a wonderful time, simply being together enjoying fellowship.

Last night, the doctors and nurses prepared Mustafa for a CT exam, to assess how the blood in his body is perfusing. Sundus shared about the story of his last CT scan at the beginning of December. I volunteered to go with him as they transferred him another department to perform this exam, not as a medical escort, but as his sister. Thankfully, the CT exam revealed hopeful news for Mustafa.

In these last 12 hours, the healthcare team have performed various procedures and have started new medications to support Mustafa. They have developed a plan of care for him, and are devoted to caring for Mustafa. God provided such wonderful nurses who have explained Mustafa’s current state and are encouraging his mother to spend time with Mustafa–even to speak with him so he feels so loved and supported.

Please continue to pray for Mustafa, as he is in a recovery phase now. This will be a long journey, but we are all hopeful for Mustafa. We continue to pray for him and his whole family. We ask that the joy that Mustafa had prior to his surgery would be restored. We pray that the joy of the Lord would be the source of strength for Sundus and Mustafa.