Joyful Heart

Today was my first day to meet our little Sohaib and his beautiful and sweet grandma. Sohaib is in his first day, post-operatively, and he is still intubated, with cables and drains. His grandmother was really in a good mood. When I was with them I felt like I had known them for a long time. Despite the fact that we cannot speak the same language, we have a good time laughing, talking, and taking pictures together. Praise the Lord, our beautiful  Alena came to the room; she can speak some Arabic, so our communication was better. She showed us beautiful pictures of her big family.

A few minutes later his nurse came into the room and told us that he is stable, his echo was good but they don’t have plans to extubate him yet. His grandma asked me to pray, and of course I prayed for them with gratitude for a good 24 hours after surgery and also for the joy in Grandma’s heart. I also asked God for complete healing and to protect him from any complications after surgery, and that they can go back home soon with a new heart for Sohaib. Please join with me in that prayer.