Joyful Iman

Since our beautiful Iman had to be taken to the ER on Friday, we were able to visit her today in the Sheba Medical Center. For this visit I was accompanied by two new Danish volunteers. It was their first time in Sheba and first time meeting Iman. Emma described her impression this way:

“Today we visited Iman. It was very special, because she has a virus, so we had to put on some blue suits, to protect us. It was also special to see a little child lying in a hospital bed, but even though she was sick, she had a lot of enegy, it was really great to see.”

Beautiful Iman couldn’t stop smiling and was very happy about the Danish visitors. Her face was lit up the whole time we were in the room even though we were dressed in that weird way. She laughed and moved around joyfully.

Her mum was also very happy about the visitors. She smiled at them happily and tried to have a small conversation. I was very impressed by Iman‘s Mum. She was still optimistic and happy even though she had to be in the hospital with Iman, whose virus prevents the doctors from moving forward with any procedure. So please pray for a fast recovery for Iman and for strength and patience for her mum.