Joyful time in Ashdod

Cute Yad and his wonderful mother are waiting patiently now two weeks since his CT scan. There is still no time planned for his catheterization, but hopefully by next week or sooner. Yad is doing good so far and we hope that after the catherization, his heart condition will be better. So during this waiting time, we are spending a really joyful and fun time together in our home in Ashdod. He is now completely warmed up to us. I love it so much when I enter the house of the families and he sees me, how he stretches out his arms to me and is only happy again when he is in my arms. He knows exactly what he wants and shows us directly.

It is such a blessing to be a part of his life and also to see step by step how he is improving in so many areas and how he learns more and more. For example, he is learning at the moment how to walk by himself. It’s the cutest, when he is so happy about it to walk with somebody’s help.

In general, he is a very happy boy and he laughs so much. It is also so funny to see, how he imitates his mother or us volunteers in some situations.

Added to that his mother is such a lovely person and we all enjoy it to spend time and talk with her. She is also very caring for the others, so she is always asking how Racheal and her mother are doing.

We had also sometimes the opportunity to spent together with the other families a good time, shopping in the big mall, at the beach, or the park behind our home.

It is always a wonderful time with them. They became so important to us and are in our hearts. Please pray for this little boy, his mother and an appointment for his catheterization soon.