Just a little bit longer

Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall (1 Corinthians 10:12)

This morning as we drove to Sheba Hospital there was a sense of expectation that Ali may be discharged today.

Not long after we arrived at the cardiac centre Ali was called for his echocardiograph. Ali is well known to the technicians for his curiosity and excellent voice volume. This morning was no exception. As Ali’s mother and I worked together to distract Ali and/or hold his limbs still, the echo technician patiently and methodically went about obtaining her data. The electrocardiograph (ecg) technician was better prepared with playthings which still didn’t pacify Ali completely but enough for her to get a quick and clean reading and an oxygen saturation reading of 79%.

Even though Ali’s oxygen saturation isn’t so high and he is quite blue in the face and at his extremities at times, the paediatric cardiologist was happy with his progress. Still, because his weight (12.55 kgs) has not changed much since his previous assessment, and to ensure that there is no medication rebound, Ali needs to have his medications slowly reduced. So, just a little bit longer in Israel. Although Ali’s mother was a bit disappointed she was heartened by the cardiologist’s positivity. As well, she understands that Ali’s treatment is a staged process meaning that he will be returning for a further surgery in about two and a half years. While Ali will remain on aspirin until his next surgery, his other medications will continue for 1-2 weeks until, what we pray, will be his discharge echo on 24th October.

It was a busy day for our group and a very long one for Ali. He was fussed over by many and especially Moshe and Talal.

He eventually had a nap at the hospital and the ride home was perfect for a nano nap.

Please pray for patience and peace for Ali’s mother over the next two weeks and that Ali continues to respond to the medications as they are titrated.