Just another couple of weeks

Our beautiful Lara had an echo this morning, the first since her discharge from Sheba hospital last week. She was all smiles during the waiting time and loved the train in the waiting room. As soon as I helped her into the driver’s seat, she gave me a big grin and a wave with a cheerful, “Bye!”

Lara’s heart is doing very well after surgery. The cardiologist explained┬áthat her pulmonary arteries are slightly narrowed, but it is not causing problems now and probably never will. He is almost certain that Lara will not need more caths or surgeries in the future. She will come back for one more follow-up echo in another two weeks, after which she can probably go home to Kurdistan.

This report is so good to hear, especially considering that it was just two and a half weeks ago that Lara had to be rushed to the emergency room, turning blue and unable to breathe. “Lara is a miracle,” her mom always says with a big smile.

We’re glad to have another couple of weeks with this beautiful little girl and her lovely mother. Please pray for another good echo result in two weeks.