Just arrived and already first echo

Last night we collected our new Iraqi child Sarjon and his mother at Ben Gurion Airport and brought them to our community house in Ashdod where they could get a little bit of rest before we took them to Sarjon’s first echo at Sheba Medical Center this morning. Sarjon greeted us with a big smile, amazed by our van and said full of joy “car!”

In the hospital this morning he needed a blood test, echo, ECG and x-ray so that the doctors can make themselves a whole good picture of his heart before they decide about a plan for him.

Tomorrow they will discuss what interventions he will need. Sarjon was very brave during all his examinations and only cried a little bit during the blood test and echo.

He much more enjoyed running though the hallways of Sheba and exploring all the different playgrounds there. His favorite thing – who could have seen that one coming – were the cars in the waiting area. He gave us all very strict instructions how to push around the car and what to do. It was a lot of fun to get to know his little personality and we enjoyed the whole day with him and his mom.

Please pray for Sarjon and his mom as they start to settle in here with us and for all upcoming treatment.