Just let her be ok

Late Thursday night, around 12 hours after Lena and I got to hold Niyan’s hands as she woke up after coming off the ventilator, I got an anxious phone call from Niyan’s dad. “Niyan isn’t good, she can’t breathe.” He passed the phone to the cardiologist, who explained that they were about to reintubate her because she was struggling to breathe, though they didn’t yet know why.

By the time I arrived in the ICU early the next morning, Niyan was back on the ventilator and sedated. The doctors found that her right lung collapsed overnight, possibly as a result of narrowing in her airways. Her cardiologist said they planned to keep her on the ventilator for another couple of days and do a bronchoscopy before extubating her.

However, by Friday evening, Niyan’s condition had worsened to the point that the doctors decided to perform an emergency bronchoscopy. Coworker Zack and I hurried back to the hospital to wait with her dad. In the procedure, the doctors removed some blockage from her airways, and connected her to a high-frequency ventilator, which can help to reopen collapsed lung tissue.

A few hours later, Niyan had still not shown the improvement that the doctors hoped to see. By 4AM on Saturday, they were holding an emergency meeting to determine the next steps for her, even considering ECMO support. It was a restless night for Niyan’s dad and for a few of us here in Ashdod.

But the next morning, the doctor in the ICU shared good news– Niyan was doing a little better! They had the ECMO machine on standby in case her condition deteriorated again, but for now it wasn’t necessary. The doctor explained that Niyan needed another CT scan, but wasn’t in stable enough condition yet. Yesterday evening, they were even able to switch her back to the regular ventilator!

When I met Niyan’s dad in the hallway at Sheba this morning, I started to ask how she was doing, and then stopped. “Wait, I don’t even need to ask. You look so happy, she must be better!” He grinned and nodded. “Spas bo khwa”– thankĀ God.

Niyan was stable enough to go to her CT scan this morning. The scan showed that she has two pockets of fluid accumulated around her right lung, and the doctors are now putting in a new chest tube to drain the fluid. Otherwise, she is doing much better now! Her support from medications and the ventilator has been decreased and she remains stable.

It’s been a scary and difficult few days for Niyan and her dad. There were quite a few moments where all we could do was pray, “Please, God, just let her be okay.” I felt so much relief this morning walking into her ICU room to see her looking so much better. Thank God for his care for Niyan. Please continue in prayer for her and her dad.