Just needs another echo and an MRI

Today, coworker Tabea and I brought Ibrahim and his mom to Sheba medical center for an echo. Before the echo took place, a geneticist wanted to talk with Ibrahim’s mom.

The geneticist asked Ibrahim’s mother if she and Ibrahim want to be part of a research project that tries to find out if a child’s heart defect is genetically determined. Ibrahim’s mom agreed, because she really wants to know the cause for Ibrahim’s heart defect.

After that, the doctors ordered an ECG and an echo during which, Ibrahim was surprisingly quiet.

Since we had to wait a while before the doctor had time to see us, we went to do blood tests for Ibrahim and took his mom to begin research participation.

The doctor said Ibrahim’s heart looks really good, he just needs another echo and an MRI. If everything still looks good after these exams, Ibrahim can probably go home to Kurdistan in a few weeks. The doctor also said that Ibrahim’s VSD, a hole between the ventricles, isn’t closing 100%, but this is not needing repair right now.

During the waiting period, I got to know Ibrahim’s mom a little better. I think she is an amazing, intelligent woman. I really enjoyed spending the time  with her today and to see what a great mother she is. I also think that Ibrahim is a very cute boy and I really like him.

Thank God that Ibrahim’s doing so well and please pray that he is able to go home soon .