Just pray for Shadi

Shadi was taken into the OR at Sheba Hospital this morning at around 11 am. The doctors needed to adjust some of the cannulas of the ECMO. The whole process took quite a lot longer than we had expected, and at around 2 pm, the surgeon and doctor from the ICU came out to speak to Shadi’s mother.

They explained to her that they had finished the work in the OR; and the ECMO was now working very nicely for Shadi, hopefully being a good help to his heart and lungs at this time.

The difficult news was that the ECMO is working at full function, and Shadi is now receiving the maximum doses of the medications which would be helpful for him. It means that if his condition deteriorates, there is no additional treatment which is available to help his body survive.

Shadi’s mother understood this means Shadi is in a very critical condition, and after thanking the doctors in tears, she rushed to her room to pray. On the way, she sent messages to her family and friends to let them know the update on Shadi, before she began to pray, throwing herself facedown onto her prayer mat.

She is a strong lady and full of character and life, and for the first time I realised how tiny she is. She wept her tears onto the floor before God in prayer, pleading for God’s healing for Shadi’s heart and body. Her main response when anyone has asked since how Shadi is doing, is to say, “just pray for him.”

Now we have entered into the new phase of watching and waiting and praying. Shadi is currently considered stable, but with extremely low blood pressure.

Please, just pray for Shadi.