Keep going – balloon dilation tomorrow

Lava and her mother are a very enjoyable presence to have in our community house. They often come over to the staff -housing side of the house for a visit, and I always really love to sit together, do some tasks together, or spend time chatting with Lava.

She is developing so beautifully, and is generally a very happy, smiley and sociable girl. Lava’s mother is so easy to spend time with, always light-hearted and handles all the difficult situations which are thrown at her, with dignity and sweetness.

Today, we took Lava to the emergency room, as she had noisy breathing all day. She was waiting for another bronchoscopy to check for possible stenosis of her trachea, and the noise of her breathing seems to indicate that she is with stenosis again.

Lava’s mother is worried about her, as it was revealed from the ENT doctor that Lava was to be hospitalised and have another bronchoscopy tomorrow. Likely she will need another balloon dilation of the trachea. The doctor was not able to tell us how many times she might need to have this procedure in the future. It is a bit of a disappointment for Lava’s mother. who is hopeful that soon her time would come for the joyous returning to Kurdistan.

She spoke this evening about how difficult it is to be away from her husband and young son, and the rest of her family. We reflected that since her immovable decision is that Lava must be well before returning to Kurdistan, it puts her in a difficult situation emotionally and unable to do anything to make the time come quicker to return to her family.

Please pray for her encouragement to continue, taking each day step by step, and for her to know that God is with her. Please also pray for Lava as she goes into the balloon dilation procedure tomorrow morning. We hope this is the last time.