Keep Praying

I was speaking to Reem’s mother today, and we were chatting about the many babies who are coming out of Gaza, to the hospital and returning after successful surgeries. Reem’s mum commented that for her and Rafif’s grandma, they only get news which isn’t beautiful about their babies. It was sad to think about these two sweet little ones… They are not forgotten by God and He has only beautiful things to say about them.

The “not beautiful” news about Rafif is that she was intubated again over the weekend. She has been in the hospital for over two months now, and her recovery is so slow.

But the “beautiful news” I can tell you from today is about the spirit of Rafif’s grandma. Our relationship is growing, slowly, but she greeted me cheerily, surrounded by many other ladies from Gaza who are sharing the home of the ICU at the moment. They are a great little community; one of the other Gaza babies was in surgery for over 10 hours this afternoon and evening, and I know how these ladies strengthen each other during this difficult time.

Please keep praying for Rafif! She is not forgotten by God, and has been continually strengthened by Him over these months. We ask for a complete healing in the body of Rafif.