Keep praying

Akar had his catheterization at Sheba Hospital today, which was supposed to be an interventional catheterization to dilate his pulmonary arteries. During the waiting time, I was sitting together with Akar’s mother. She was really calm and we talked just a bit during the cath, because she was praying most of the time.

The whole catheterization took around five and a half hours. After that, the friendly doctor came outside and explained everything patiently to the mother with the help of a person on the phone who could translate. The doctor explained that during the cath, Akar had a reaction to the contact agent. Therefore doctors were not able to see everything well enough, so the cath was more diagnostic and not interventional.

Akar’s mother understood everything well and was calm, receiving this information even though it’s not what she would have hoped for or what she expected. After the cath, Akar was brought back into the ICU. He is on the same amount of medicine that he was on before the cath, which is good. Akar is still alive and God knows why things didn’t turn out today the way we might have hoped for. But He knows best.

Please let us continue to pray that Akar’s mother knows this and can keep trusting in God and that Akar might live, if it is God’s will.