Keep praying

When I went to Sheba hospital today to visit Akar and his lovely mother, the doctor wanted me to tell her that after they have taken down some of his medications in the days after they had to resuscitate him, he is doing a bit better. Akar is in the same condition now that he was in before the night of his needed resuscitation, which is good.

When I went into their room today, Akar’s eyes were open. Another thing the friendly doctor wanted me to tell her, is that today was the first time that Akar responded to her shining a lamp into his eyes, by closing them. It seems to be a good sign, but he is still not aware of what is going on around him. He is still intubated.

The hospital performed another MRI scan for him today, as the ones they did before he needed to be resuscitated are not accurate anymore. Akar’s mother is a very smart woman and even though the situation is definitely not easy, she understands what is going on and is asking questions to understand everything. She is aware of what is going on around her. She asked me today if there is still hope for her beloved son and from a human perspective, it might seem hopeless, but for God nothing is impossible and we can have hope in him.

Please join me in prayer that Akar’s mother can have hope in God as well and can trust in him, that he knows what is the best plan for the life of her beloved son.