Keep praying for him


Today out brave Rovar went to the hospital for a blood test which led to a transfusion because of his low hemoglobin levels. It is impossible to convey how special Rovar is, he is intelligent and curious, the nurse who put in the cannula for the transfusion noticed that although he was crying he would be able to call himself down long enough for the needle to go in. They tried quite a few times before they got a vein that drew blood, but throughout this Rovar was in his mother’s arms.

He would often say “madge” which means kiss in Kurdish and so that is how he was consoled during these difficult moments. Through his tears he repeated “bismillah” which means in the name of God, to get him through. After they found a vein, he calmed down and played with some toys, and watched his iPad.

Eventually he fell asleep as his mum held him. He has another appointment in a week, so please keep praying for him, as he is still awaiting a second EDAS surgery. Thank God for these wonderful doctors and nurses who take such good care of him.