Keep praying for this little one

At Sheba Medical Center, I saw Mahmoud’s grandma today before seeing the baby himself. She was with another older mother from Gaza, who was waiting for her daughter’s echo. We happily greeted each other and Mahmoud’s grandma explained who I was to this other lady. She also explained about Shevet Achim and as far as I could understand was most enthusiastic about how people from many different countries are coming to visit her. Today also she met new co-worker Emily from Denmark, so it’s another nationality to add to the list!

The grandma is in reasonably good spirits, and often is interacting socially with others in a similar situation to her in the hospital which is nice to pass the time.

Unfortunately little Mahmoud is not doing so well at the moment. The doctor told us that his chest x ray looks quite bad and possibly he has pneumonia. Also they are still giving treatment for the infection he has.

So it is important to keep on praying for this little baby, and that the family will be encouraged, not losing hope!