Kenan ready for discharge

Three-week-old Kenan from Gaza was discharged from Sheba Hospital yesterday (Friday), just before Shabbat. He had entered Israel by ambulance at a few days of age, with critical complex heart disease and very low oxygen levels.

After some discussion, it was decided that Kenan and his grandmother should come to our Jaffa house for some care and observation, as Gaza has had a recent uptick in CoronaVirus cases. The mandatory quarantine upon entry into Gaza is 21 days, and there are special “quarantine houses.” We weren’t sure that Kenan would get the necessary medical follow-up, and Sheba doctors also wanted him to return for follow- up soon. So, Kenan and his Grandmother —both seemingly exhausted— packed into the van (along with the usual bags, cartons, and stroller) for the trip.

As we neared our seaside home and I told his grandmother “just two more minutes,” she suddenly sat up and saw the ocean. Her eyes sparkled and she kept exclaiming, “the sea, the sea!” Such a beautiful, joyful, peaceful demeanor as we pulled in.

Kenan and his grandmother have now settled in, warmly welcomed by the Shevet staff as well as the two other moms in the house. Everyone takes turns holding this cute and snuggly little guy…. he certainly is getting plenty of attention and TLC! It’s fun having a baby in the house, especially one whose oxygen levels are now an acceptable 78-82%. From his appearance, you would never know that Kenan’s list of medical diagnoses contain eight different problems!

Please pray with us for wisdom as we communicate with the doctors in Israel, the authorities in Gaza, and Kenan’s family about the best care for him in the next weeks and months.