Khader home to Gaza

Khader had his final echo today which confirmed he is in a good post-surgical condition to return home to Gaza. His mum was so happy with the idea of getting back to her husband!

We traveled with a full car load of bags of items which Khader’s mum had been given from the hospital. We also had another family in the van and three of us from Shevet. It was fun to be all together, sharing in her joy. We reminisced a little as she explained to the other mother about Khader’s first time at Sheba; he was so tiny and underwent such major surgery.

We were all grateful to God that Khader has had another successful surgery. He will be one year old fairly soon, and his mother said they would save the big celebration (with a slaughtered sheep!) for this event, rather than for today’s homecoming.

Khader needs to return to the hospital in one month for a catheterisation. We look forward to seeing them again at that time.