Khader returns for a catheterization

Khader returned from Gaza today for tomorrow’s catheterization procedure at Sheba Medical Center.

I couldn’t believe how big he is when I saw him. He had come last summer when he was a newborn and now he is almost one!

At the hospital his mother was very familiar with some of the families that have been here since she was, and she was also talking with her family, telling them how she was doing and how things were going with Khader.

It was a long day for both Khafer amd his mum as they arrived at the Erez border crossing at eight in the morning and his room at the hospital wasn’t ready until eight at night. Khader remained calm and smiley through it all. He specifically enjoyed when his mum and I passed his stroller back and forth between us.

It is so good to see this lovely family again.