Khonav turns 15

Khonav has been long anticipating her birthday celebrations…and today the day of the party had finally¬†arrived. There was great excitement as we blew up balloons, put up decorations, and the smell of a delicious chocolate cake drifted in from the kitchen.

Having been here for almost five months, Khonav is such a special part of our family. It felt like a big moment for all of us as we celebrated her life together. It made me so happy to see the joy on her face. Despite being in lockdown, away from home, without the rest of the family, her smile was enormous. She seemed to dance round the room, taking photos, eating cake, and enjoying the music.

Here at Shevet we are so proud of Khonav and we are so thankful to God for her life.
Happy 15th birthday Khonav!