Khonav update

Today our beautiful Khonav had a blood test to check her uric acid levels. But the day was not a normal one for me, because my sister and her husband came with us to the hospital! They got to meet Khonav and her mum, and to spend the day with them. After the blood test, we waited to have the results and speak with a doctor. In between time, we got ice cream and coffee, and then were treated to lunch by little Halbast’s mum, who put out a spread of hospital food! This was my family’s first taste of Kurdish hospitality!

When the blood results came back, we got the good news that the medicine was working and her uric acid levels are normal! The day ended with Jonathan and Yousef coming to pick them up to take them back to Jerusalem, where they are very happy, as they have enjoyed their time in the guest house very much.