Khonav’s post-surgery assessment

Khonav and her mum have a beautiful, positive outlook on life. It was a fairly long day for both of them and yet, they found things to be thankful for in every moment.

At Sheba Medical Center, after signing in on the fourth floor, Khonav’s first step was a blood test. On the way, she spotted a fish tank and we spent a while admiring all the fish. Khonav’s mum was really impressed by how beautiful they were – all sorts of colours and sizes.

After the blood test, we all made ready for Khonav’s echo-cardiogram. I was really impressed with how calmly she handled both the blood test and echo. Both Khonav and her mother have a real peacefulness about them, and a huge amount of patience.

Then came the wait for the doctor. Just as we sat down, we spotted the tea trolley! To be honest, we were all really excited by this. With hot chocolate, coffee, tea and cake, we sat together talking, looking at pictures, taking selfies, and looking at the rain out the window. Khonav’s love for all the other children at the Shevet house is really obvious. She is always asking about them and showing me pictures she’s taken of them. This is so reflective of God’s heart for community, and it’s so beautiful to see this heart in Khonav.

On the way out, I spotted Khonav’s drawing on the art board. I was very excited to see her talent on display. She’s come to be such a special friend to me during her time here.

God-willing after a CT scan, Khonav will be able to return to Kurdistan! She will probably need to return to Israel next year for another surgery.