Knock and it shall be opened

Hur came back to Sheba hospital today from Bethlehem as she has not been well, her oxygen was lower than normal, she was not taking the necessary amount of milk, she was having some trouble breathing, we could really see that something was not right and when we visited the cardiologist here in Bethlehem he said that she needs a catheterization as soon as possible.

When we arrived at the checkpoint they told us that Hur had permission to go to Sheba Hospital but her aunt did not. We were waiting for about three hours so that they could solve the issue of permission. During that time I learned many things, and one of them perhaps the most important, was not to give up and keep trying until the end because it is God who has the last word and He is the one who opens and closes doors.

Glory to God for what he did today since we finally managed to get to the hospital and if everything continues well Hur will be able to have her catheterization tomorrow.

My prayer is that the catheterization goes well and that our lovely and sweet Hur continues to grow without any problems.