Koinonia Day Camp will work and pray for Dleza

Word just in that Koinonia Day Camp kids will host a yard sale this Friday on behalf of Dleza!

Koinonia Day Camp has been a ministry of West Newbury Congregational Church, located in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA, for almost 30 years! We are a six-week Christian summer camp that provides a fun, safe environment for children between 1st through 10th grade; our main goal, besides having fun, is to help children & teenagers learn more about God.  As a ministry of West Newbury Congregational Church, we believe that the church as a whole is called to be salt and light to the world. We take seriously the need to spread the good news locally and world-wide. We endeavor to do this in the love and the power of the Holy Spirit, encouraging one another. We take the teachings of the scripture as our guide in spreading the truth through the gospel, all year long, but specifically in our six weeks of summer camp.