Kurdish generosity even after surgery

That made me really happy! When I walked into the ICU at Sheba Medical Center today, I could already see Arya smiling through the window. Having had his surgery a few days ago he is in great condition, no longer requiring oxygen support and can probably be transferred to the secondary ICU tomorrow. Praise God for healing Arya so well. Before his surgery, our team were concerned as Arya had a complicated heart condition. How fortunate that God pushes through his plan in spite of every doubt!

When I finally entered Arya’s room, he generously offered me a cookie. I declined with thanks because I didn’t want to disregard the strict hygiene standards in the ICU. However, Arya kept going, as it is common in Kurdish culture.

Finally, I capitulated and quickly slipped the cookie under my facemask. Thank you, Arya, for the delicious cookie!