Language is no barrier when hearts unite

Today Archie and I spent many hours with a wonderful person ….. a devoted grandmother from Gaza who was waiting so patiently for her daughter’s month old baby, Majed, to have his catheterisation procedure.

For this lovely lady, the wait was a period of considerable endurance, since her little grandson urgently needed the cath, in order to help correct his condition, pulmonary stenosis. When we walked into the room where she was waiting, we introduced ourselves as volunteers from Shevet Achim, and were greeted with huge smiles and big hugs! As we got to know each other over the hours, we managed to communicate via Google translate and learned a lot about each other’s families. We were introduced to her family back home via WhatsApp video, greeting one another with smiles and waves, as we couldn’t speak Arabic and they couldn’t speak English. Language was no barrier to the warmth of affection that flowed between us.

Little Majed came back to the ICU after his cath, and the medical team monitored him with such warmth and care, keeping Majed’s grandmother and us fully up-to-date with his progress. The doctors and nurses were incredibly caring, and we eventually left knowing that we had made great friends with Majed’s grandmother, and that her tiny grandson was making the progress we have been praying for.