Last appointment on Thursday?

Today Meer’s father hoped so much that Meer would be cleared to go back to Kurdistan.

After Meer’s echo…

and ECG….

– all at Sheba Hospital this morning, the doctor agreed from the cardiac standpoint that his heart is in a good condition. Meer’s father was very caring during these appointments as always, and tried to keep Meer calm during the examination.

Then Meer’s dad asked about Meer’s lungs and the liquid build-up there, but after a little check-up with the echo, the result was also positive

At the end, the doctor decided to see Meer on the next Thursday again to make some tests. They want to keep him here this week especially because of the INR level, which was different yesterday, to make sure that everything is okay.

I’m very glad to see that the doctors at Sheba are very careful and thoughtful about every decision and want to make sure that every child is absolutely well before releasing them.

Please pray that Meer will be cleared to go back to his family in Kurdistan on Thursday, may it be God’s will