Last echo in Israel-happiness outweighs

Lava had one last echo at Sheba Hospital. As you can see in the picture, intelligent Lava is even helping the echo technician to perform her echo.

Lava is cleared to go back to Kurdistan without needing any medications. I am very thankful for God for this wonderful news.

Lava and her mother became like a family during their time here at Shevet. I’ve never met a mother like Lava’s mother during my term here thus far. She was always so patient with everything and never complained about anything. I would describe her as an angel and look back with love on the time that we spent together with little family.

I remember the hard days in the hospital when Lava was in surgery and the recovery time afterwards. These moments weren’t easy for Lava’s mom. I’m glad we were there for her and helped her to get through them. Even though I’m sad that on the one hand Lava and her angelic mother will go back to Kurdistan, the happiness outweighs definitely and I will be thrilled for them, for Lava’s brighter future, and will keep them in my mind and heart always.