Lasting peace

Written by Nathan and Colin:

Hur went to the hospital today to receive her vaccines. As always, it was touching to see the patient care provided by the staff at Sheba hospital. Even though the unit was extremely busy, they took the time to patiently explain the benefits and risks of each vaccination to Hur’s mother. They even took the time to minimize as much as possible the pain of the injection. Hur is steadily healing and we expect that she will be well enough to go home soon from a medical perspective. God knows if a way will be opened up for her to safely go home to Gaza. With all the hard things going on in the region, it was good to see this small picture of hope and caring today. Many of the vehicles used on the hospital grounds have a slogan written in Hebrew on the side that could be translated “hope without borders”.

I pray that these small acts of kindness can begin to build the foundation for a lasting peace.