Lawi’s first Echo after surgery

Co-worker Georgia and I had the privilege of taking Lawi to his first echo after surgery! Although the operation was on his heart, his mum’s main concern was his stomach, which has had issues since coming home from the hospital due to his dietary changes. But actually his heart looked great!

The surgery results were very good and the doctor was very, very happy. She also advised the mum on what to feed him. This is a small example of how the cardiology team at Sheba goes beyond their outlined duties to help us; even though the doctor was a cardiologist, she didn’t hesitate to help Lawi’s mother with this concern.

The doctors and nurses at Sheba Medical really are so wonderful and it is a gift for our kids to be under their care. The good news for Lawi is that he only needs one more echo before he flies.When the flights open up again, we will schedule his check-up for when this time comes! It was really great to see Lawi’s mother happy and at ease knowing her precious boy is healthy.