Lawi’s infectious smile

In their matching outfits, Lawy and his dad looked ready for a fashion show when they appeared outside the house this morning. I really love seeing them together. They have such a close bond and special love for each other, that reminds me of God’s love for us and our identity as his sons and daughters.

Throughout the day – in the car ride, in the waiting, in the meeting with Dr. Uri, Lawi’s laughter and infectious smile was so beautiful to see.

At one point in the waiting area, Frank and Lawy started taking pictures on Frank’s phone. A few minutes later we were almost in tears of laughter. He has so much life in his mischievous smile and brings so much joy wherever he goes.

After the appointment, while Julio collected the car, Lawi and his dad had a lot of fun in the hospital’s music suite. Lawi particularly loved the electric drum kit and was soon filling the room with rhythm. His dad didn’t want to miss out and made sure he had a go too. This time together was so special and looking back, I can see God’s presence and his joy in those moments.

“We lift up our eyes,¬†we lift up our eyes, You’re the giver of life.”

The words of this song spring to mind when I pray for Lawi. It’s a reminder that when we pray, we pray to the author and sustainer of life – the only one who can give it, and the only one we can look to. It’s also a reminder to turn our eyes to him, shifting our focus to God our life giver.

Please pray for the joy of the Lord to be Lawy’s strength. Pray that his dad would know God’s peace and hope.