Learning Arabic while waiting

Mohammed had his diagnostic cath at Sheba Hospital today. When we went up to the Pediatric ICU on floor six of the Children’s Hospital of Sheba Medical Center, we found Mohammed’s parents waiting. They told us that Mohammed was brought into surgery around 11 am.

While waiting for the procedure to be finished, coworker Claudia and I tried our best to learn some Arabic words from Mohammed’s lovely parents. Even though we couldn’t remember most of the words anymore after just a few minutes, we had a great time together.

Mohammed’s mother expressed how important it was for her that Claudia stayed with them for the whole time. This shows how great an impact compassion and love for our neighbours can have. The doctors could tell afterwards that Mohammed will need a surgery and will work on a treatment plan.

Praise the Lord for Mohammed and his parents. We pray for his journey and that God will hold his protecting hands over Mohammed and his family.