Learning new things

When I visited Abed today at Sheba Medical Center, the physical therapist was doing some exercises with him. It was funny to see how he has his own will, not doing what the physical therapist is asking from him, and with a smile on his face.

He was learning to lay on his sides and he is trying to sit up more. Abed’s mother is happy with a new machine for his tracheostomy which gives Abed more moving freedom. His mother can now hold him and hug him.

Abed is ready to go back to Gaza, but there is no place for him yet in the hospital over there. Also we are waiting for an approval of a doctor in Gaza which will enable Abed to cross the border with his life-saving equipment.

The last stretch is the hardest. Abed’s mother would love to go back to the rest of her children and her husband. She is almost there, but there are some last things to take care of.

We ask for your prayers for patience for this family.