Leaving with gratitude

33-year-old Mohammed L left Israel Friday expressing much gratitude for the five months he was with us:

You may remember how he bumped into us as we escorted children through the security line at the Amman airport, and how he pleaded with us to help him too, after doctors in Jordan sent him home without hope for treatment of his neglected congenital heart defect.

Due to his age it was a long struggle to get a visa for him to enter Israel; and once here it was a struggle for doctors to figure out how to help his heart. Through a catheterization they were able to open up blocked blood flow to one of his lungs, but they hadn’t yet reached a final decision about whether they should take Mohammed to a very high-risk surgery.

I kept encouraging Mohammed to wait and give the doctors more time. But finally this past week he told me he’d been warned by God in a dream not to go to surgery at this time. A statement like that should give any student of the scriptures pause; and I realized that Mohammed, like every living human I know, wasn’t quite ready yet to meet his maker.

Let’s pray for him during the time he has remaining on this earth.