Leen’s Return!

It was such a joy today to learn that beautiful Leen would be visiting hospital today. She and her mother are very much loved by our Shevet community as we have had the pleasure of meeting them both many times before. Leen’s mum has such a kind heart and asks after everyone at Shevet by name whenever we see her and today was no exception. Praise God we were actually able to stop quickly at home before going to the hospital today and many people couldn’t resist coming and seeing Leen and giving her mum a big hug.

Leen had an ophthalmology appointment at Sheba. She has recently started wearing glasses which aside from making her look even more cute, do seem to be helping her a great deal with her vision. However, today the doctor told mum that Leen will need to have a surgical intervention on her eyes. I think this was hard news for mum to hear. Not just because the prospect of surgery is scary for any mum but also because the trips from Gaza into Israel are difficult (physically and financially) for families to make. Yousef was able to spend a lot of time talking with mum in the car on the journey covering recent events and though I couldn’t understand much of the conversation it is clear to me that life for this family is difficult. Please lift up Leen’s family in your prayers, that they might know the hope of Jesus in their lives.