Lia’s surgery day

Early this morning, Lia was prepared for her surgery and one of the friendly nurses was washing her. She quite enjoyed this, laughing as it went on. Her lovely mother showed me the picture she took of Lia during this prep.

Afterwards, Lia was taken into surgery. Doctors wanted to close the VSD. When I arrived to the hospital, I joined Lia’s mother for the waiting time. She was praying and concerned for her daughter. She was happy when she saw me there, knowing she was not alone. The waiting time was spent a lot on the phone speaking with relatives whom she knew were also praying for her and of course they wanted to know how Lia was doing.

In between times, Lia’s lovely mother also cried a bit because she was worried. Then the doctor came out to tell us the surgery was going well so far. This update calmed Lia’s mother down a bit.  So we continued to wait.

The surgery was quicker than expected. When the doctor came out again to tell us they finished the surgery and everything went as planned, and I explained that to her, she hugged me and was very happy.  She was a changed woman. She immediately thanked God by getting down on her knees and praying. It was wonderful to see that she knows to whom she must give thanks.

After the doctor told us the good news of a successful surgery, it took them an additional hour to close her chest and bring her out of surgery. When she was finally rolled out, her mother was very happy to be close to Lia again. They brought her to the ICU on the 6th floor and when we went there, we still had to wait for some time because they were working on stabilizing Lia. For Lia’s mother, that wasn’t a problem at all. She said as long as Lia is good, she didn’t have a problem with waiting.

We were joined by some of our other Kurdish mothers in hospital. They were a pleasant comfort for Lia’s mother as they shared lovely community. Thank you for your prayers for the surgery. Please continue to keep this beautiful girl in your prayers, that she may recover well now.