Life and times of Lalo in God’s hands

When Lalo’s mother and I were on our way to the hospital this morning, she told me how she and her family spend their time in Kurdistan. They live close to the mountains and often go there to have family picnics. Lalo’s mother and her husband have four children together, so he is back home with three more. When they picnic together, there are only the six of them and they spend a precious and lovely time together. She told me with pride and love how much they enjoy their time together. She loves and misses her family a lot. I can imagine this wonderful family of six very well, as there are also six of us in my family in Germany.

This last Sunday, it was Lalo’s mother’s birthday, which made it even more sad for her to be separated from her family. But she had a nice day here as well, and went to a few local shops to get some T-shirts for herself.

Our precious little Lalo and his loving mum had to return to Sheba hospital today for an Echo and an ECG which, of course, Lalo didn’t like at all. His mother tried everything to calm him down but sadly it didn’t go so well. One of the very friendly nurses took him and managed to calm him down at least a little bit, for a short time.

Unfortunately, the doctor said they cannot return to their home and family in Kurdistan as yet. He told me that Lalo’s arteries are very small and that they won’t grow that fast. While they are fine for now, the doctors want to discuss this little boy’s situation and need to decide what they want to do for him next, including a possible surgery or a catheterization. The doctor reminded us that everything they are doing with Lalo is a risk for him.

Let’s pray for this worried and lovely mother to be calm about the whole situation, and that if it is in God’s will, pray there won’t be a need for this little boy to have another surgery or catheterization. But the life and plans for Lalo are in God’s hands.