Life Outside

For baby Mohammed and his father today was somewhat momentous. For the first time since the age of one week, Mohammed now 4 and half months has experienced life outside of the hospital walls.

The nursing staff at Sheba were so celebratory with Mohammed and his father as we left today and there was so much joy in the air. Dad himself looked like a different person, light and happy.

As we walked to the car Mohammed experienced the sunshine hitting his face for the first time, he was dazzled and frankly to begin with a little alarmed. His eyes were so wide as we entered different spaces such as the lifts and the shopping area soaking each new experience in. The car was parked on the 14th level of the carpark which offers a great view of Tel-Aviv. Mohammed’s dad said to me “Now I can see, in hospital you just can’t see anything”. It was so touching after such a long period of adversary to have this moment of perspective.

Mohammed’s life and future really lies in the hands of our heavenly Father now for He is so much bigger and broader than our current circumstance. Please pray for the Father’s hope to be planted into Mohammed and His Father. Pray for the supernatural healing and maintenance of life for Mohammed.

We are so thrilled to have these 2 back with us at our Shevet home.