Life-saving surgery

This early morning Eslam went into his high risk heart surgery to repair his aortic valve. It was a really risky surgery and even doctors feared that he might not make it. Before the surgery he was in a really bad condition and so this surgery was his only chance. While doctors and surgeons operated on him and did everything to save this little boy, his mother and I were waiting outside. His mother really amazed me today. She stayed calm the whole day and even laughed while spending time with other mothers, despite her worries and the dangerous situation her little son was in. We were both really worried while we were sitting in the waiting area waiting and hoping for the best. But still we had a good time together, ate together breakfast and lunch. Praise God that the surgery went so well. It still amazes me how his condition took a complete turn. Just before the surgery he was still in this terrible situation with a low chance of survival. Now after the surgery he is in a completely new situation. The head doctor  of the cardiology department told me that he still needs to recover from surgery, but apart from that he will be fine hopefully. Of course the first day after the surgery can be dangerous and very important. Let’s hope and pray that he will be fine. But over all let us thank the Lord for what he did in Eslams life today and for the strength he gave the mother and us. Everything is in his hands!