Lifelong dream comes true

Do you have a dream of your life? Khonav has. The 14-year-old just wants a surgery for her broken heart, that makes her able to experience the world out of the car or the wheelchair, to move faster than in slow motion. And praise God, today she was admitted in the hospital for a surgery tomorrow!

Our teenager started the day with a happy smile on her lips that shows also a little bit of confidence. And the smile remained on our beauty’s lips during the long waiting time in the hospital, the different examinations and the preparation for the surgery. What a gift to be able to smile facing a big surgery! Her mother is more anxious but also a very sweetheart and has got a happy spirit and is just such a good support for Khonav.

For me, Khonav is my little sister, the sister I always wished to have. And it is just so difficult to send her to the surgery. My heart is a little more worried than I usually experience since not all surgeries are so easy and completely successful. Therefore I need to build my trust in God – HE is good!

I know God knows all the dreams Khonav stores in her heart, for sure also her biggest one. Please God, hold Your hands over Khonav! Please pray for a good night and a blessed and shepherded surgery tomorrow!