Light of the world

Last week Neena’s oxygen saturation level was not what the doctors were hoping for, but praise God because this past week her oxygen has been consistently above her target range.

It has been almost three weeks since her surgery. Today was her second echocardiogram after surgery. Her heart is well, but there is a little bit of fluid surrounding her left lung. For this reason, we would prefer that she stay another 7 days. Neena will stay another week, with hopes of obtaining clearance to return to Kurdistan next week.

Neena is always a joy to be around. Her face lights up when she smiles and giggles. I pray that she will grow to be a light of the world, for Christ. Her mother also has a beautiful smile and today was a great encouragement for another mother whose child was having surgery. She wanted to wait with this mother. In the waiting, Neena slept soundly. She brought kind and encouraging words to all.

Please pray for Neena as she will be staying at the Jerusalem Guest House for the next few days. We pray that she would have a wonderful and restful time there, and that God would protect Neena’s health while she is there.