Like a little child

Written by Christiane

It’s always fun to be around Rovar. Even in hospital. He greets doctors and nurses with a big smile and open arms. Become like little children – have an open heart, trust, be joyful – I can see that in Rovar. Unfortunately he also experiences disappointments and screamed today when the nurse had to take blood. But as you can see on the photo Rovar was brave and got a badge. Since his haemoglobin level keeps dropping we needed to check on him but he didn’t need a transfusion today.

It was an intense day – not only because of recurring rocket alerts – but also because of a number of doctor’s appointments for Rovar and new appointments to organise in different departments (another blood test on Thursday, an EEG after his operation and he needs to be seen by a physiotherapist). And the neurologist we saw today suggested a change in medication.

Rovar’s mom seemed tired and frustrated today so let us pray for his mom to have peace and be able to trust the doctors, and also pray for interpreters since communication is not so easy at times. And let us pray for Rovar’s operation on December 3rd.