Early in the morning, when I visited Shahad, I was warmly greeted by her sweet Aunt. Shahad was still sleeping, but when she woke up she immediately smiled. She then had a blood test, which she bravely handled despite the pain.

Almuth and Johanna, her dear friends from Jerusalem and my fellow staff members, printed out photos of beautiful memories from her time in Jerusalem. Shahad and her aunt loved seeing these photos and reflecting on all the sweet memories.

Later we received a call that one doctor was hoping to discharge her to return to Gaza, but then later we found out that the cardiologist would prefer her to stay for observation. Please continue to pray as they determine how to best care for Shahad.

As I spent time with Shahad, I noticed that she acquired mannerisms from Ruth, one of our volunteers. It made me laugh. I was reminded that as they share likeness in these gestures and facial expressions, both Shahad and Ruth also share in the fact that they have been beautifully made in the image of God. Praise God for creating them both so fearfully and wonderfully in His image.