Liquid Again

When I went to the secondary ICU, I really expected to get good news about Nyaz. I know how brave she is and how strong her mother is. I was really sad when I asked the nurse about her and with a sad voice she told me that the liquid is not gone. Yesterday they had to put in a drain again and she can not eat anything solid or liquid so she is with intravenous nutrition again. When I went into to her room she was sleeping and her mom gave me a big smile and a hug like always. I don’t know how she is feeling inside and I don’t know how tired she is but she teaches¬† me how to face our battles with hope.

We need a miracle in this beautiful life.  Mom and Nyaz are tired because they have been in the hospital a long time. Please join us in prayer for complete healing, for the liquid to be gone in the name of Jesus! Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible for our God and I believe that we are going to see another miracle.