Little Asmeen is extubated

When I went to visit our little Asmeen and her lovely mother at Sheba Medical Center today, she told me that Asmeen is extubated. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and wasn’t even sure if I understood her correctly from the context because she told me in Kurdish and with her hands.

I asked her if she would take a picture of Asmeen for me since we’re not allowed to go into their rooms in the Pediatric ICU. I was so thankful and happy when I saw the picture of an extubated Asmeen. Her lovely mother told me that she is sleeping a lot and sleeping well. By extension, this means Asmeen’s mother also sleeps well.

Every time I visit this mother,  she is happy to see me and is always asking how all the others families at our community house are doing. She is an extremely friendly woman, but she is tired and worried about staying in the hospital for so long.

Let’s comfort her and our lovely Asmeen in prayers, that they can leave the hospital really soon.