Little drummer-boy

Yesterday morning I picked up little Ayham and his mother from Erez for his Echo follow-up appointment at Hadassah Hospital. After a long car drive up the hill to the hospital, we finally arrived and coworker Hison welcomed us at the main entrance. Then we made our way to the Echo-area and checked Ayham in, so we were waiting for his doctor. Unfortunately he let us know he would not be able to see Ayham today . The next possible appointment he offered was on Wednesday. After asking Ayham’s mother if she was willing to stay for two nights in our Jerusalem Community home, we accepted the appointment.

So in the meantime, we have had a lot of fun together with Ayham and his mother. It is so precious to see Ayham’s huge smile when he is looking in his mother’s face.

On Monday evening we had a worship-night, where even Ayham was showing off his skills. And today his mother was making a great dinner for all of us. I’m thankful for all the time that we get to spend with this cute family. They are making our days here so much brighter and more fun.

Please pray for the Echo tomorrow, that the results will be good.